As far back as I can remember I have always had HORRIBLE canker sores ! This past time I have 5 all at the same time, so eating was virtually impossible. My husband had stomach ulcers back a few months ago and drank milk of magnesia like it was going out of style. So the thought occurred , if it heals the ulcers in his stomach why wouldn't it help with the ulcers in my mouth ? I also included peroxide and salt because those are common recommendations on I did the mouth rinse for two night in a row and within 3 days they were almost gone and felt so much better!! So hope this helps any fellow sufferers !

                        3 tsp warm water
                      3 tsp milk of magnesia
                      1 tsp salt
                        1 tsp hydrogen peroxide

I'm also prone to canker sores. My children's pediatrician recommended putting Mylanta on them. (It also works well for diaper rash.) I'm pinning your recipe to try with my next one.


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