MIT - They offer over 2,000 free undergrad and graduate non credit courses ! Many different subjects are available that include lectures, notes, exams, audio and video files !

Education Poratal - 37 Free courses where you can earn actual college credits by passing the CLEP exam. Credits are accepted at over 2,900 colleges. Classes are in video format

Open Michigan-Take online non credit courses at the University of Michigan. Get access to syllabi , lectures, and assignments. You can take Spanish, Engineering, and many more. There is even some curriculum from the University of Michigan Medical School !!

Yale- Free online non credit courses at Yale University ! You can take psychology, political science, English, and more ! Get course notes, handouts, quizzes, exams, and lectures!

University of Washington - Get free online non credit courses in Greek Mythology, American, Revolution, Heroic Fantasy, etc. !!

Covenant Seminary - Get free PDF files to download, and podcasts on Church History and Reformation.

Whatcom Community College - Very LARGE list of math courses available to take for free online !

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