I'm going to start a new section every Wednesday will useful websites that will make your life a little easier & for fun things you never knew about on the web !!

Name My Tune A fun website where you can hum the tune of a song into the microphone and others will identify it and email you with the answer. Other listen to others and help them identify their song !

Print What You Like Use the bookmarklet from their page installed on your toolbar to only select what you need to print to save time & money !

Where's My Cell Phone?If you are like me and can't ever seem to remember where you placed your cell phone. This website is perfect for you. Just pull it up type in your number and it will call the number for you so you can find your phone !!!

Which Date Works? Write out the event you are planning and select who you want included and decide with them which date works best !!!

Fax Zero Fax your documents over the internet for free !!! This will come in very handy for me !!!

Join our Link Party !!!!! List any useful websites/ideas you have come across below !!!

3/19/2013 23:13:00

Thanks for hosting! I plan to visit your site more often! I host today on my site http://www.frugalfitfamily.com (as well as Monday and Friday - stop by if you can!

3/22/2013 02:19:50

Thanks for the resource. Some of these look great! Would love to have you add this to What to do Weekends. Linda


3/22/2013 12:02:43

Thank you !!!! I def. will !!! Have a great weekend!

3/24/2013 06:33:07

Thanks for the resources. I will check them out!



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