Luggage - stores are looking to put out newer stock for the busy summer travel season coming up, so they will be getting rid of older stock !

Chocolate - You will continue to see discounts on Valentine's candy this month.

Frozen Foods - March is Frozen Food Month. So, there are lots of deals out there. You will see lots of coupons and promotions going on. Now is the time to stock up your freezer !

Gardening - As Spring approaches you will start to see great deals on supplies for gardening and yard care !!

Matresses - Perfect time for spring cleaning you will find some great deals at Amazon.com.

TVs - New models are coming out this month so you should see great deals on previous models ! Especially since Super Bowl season is over, now is the time to buy.

Grills - If you live in colder areas, now is a great time to snag a grill or air conditioner. They are one sale because no one is really in the market for them !

Computer Monitors - Stores are starting to clear out the older models as new ones make it into the stores this month !

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